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403 Forbidden - after installation

403 Forbidden - after installation

I've set  up VirtualBox on a windows machine, running Ubuntu 16 with Apache 2.4 and PHP 7.0.2


When installing magento 2.0 by downloading and extracting an archive I get 403 forbidden when trying to verify the installation.


I had set all the permission accordingly to


I have tried all the possible solutions here:


What could be the problem? 


Re: 403 Forbidden - after installation

Hi @arvidbildg,


In which way did you installed? (I mean, you've installed using the web browser or the console)

Also, are you using Apache rewrites?

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Re: 403 Forbidden - after installation

Hi @Damian Culotta


Thanks for your answer, Its working now, didnt use apache rewrites. I had problem with my user groups.