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404 on all Category pages.

404 on all Category pages.

Have upgraded from to 2.3.3.

But every single category page is now 404'd.

Have truncated a url_rewrite and catalog_url_rewrite_product_category, but no luck.

Have gotten rid of the other root and clear:cached and reindexed.

Other symptoms: All of the form fields in the categories are blank.

Would very much appreciate any help, thank you!


Re: 404 on all Category pages.

Hi @Wren 

You must have migrated your store from magento 1 to magento 2.

Did you got any issues in migration. ? 

Are you able to check complete Category Data in admin (Magento 2).

Any error in the re-indexing. ?




Re: 404 on all Category pages.

Thanks so much for the reply!

Yes I did, from

I used the -a flag for the data migration, but I have no errors reindexing at all.

The category data shows as blank from the admin panel; Screenshot from 2020-02-03 07-50-41.png


Although there is data in all the URL Key & Category Name in the back end and the tree on left.

Any ideas as to how to fix? I've tried 8-9 migrations at least, all have the same effect, though.

Thanks again

Re: 404 on all Category pages.

Hi @Wren , 


Can you please try migration without using -a option. And solve all errors which occurs in migration (In magento1 database).

Please try this way because i have 2-3 done migrations on my different websites and I always prefer 2nd approach (without -a) and it always works for me.


With this approach we will be more sure that complete correct data is migrated.



Re: 404 on all Category pages.

Bonjour, avez-vous résolu votre problème de migration? J'ai exactement le même depuis 2 jours!


Re: 404 on all Category pages.

I'm having the same problem now.