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Apache vs Nginx


Apache vs Nginx

Hi Everyone, I am developing a multivendor platform using Magento 2.3 community edition and marketplace extension. I am not sure if I should use an apache or nginx web server ? Are are any particular benefits of choosing one over the other ? Thanks. 


Re: Apache vs Nginx



Nginx is now becoming a dominant web server and hosts around 75% of all the web servers worldwide. Unlike Apache, it follows an event-driven approach and can handle multiple requests within a single processing thread. It is because of this reason the Nginx web server is widely used as a reverse proxy and load balancer to manage the high-traffic.


Why to go with Nginx:


Even though Apache and Nginx both give a tough fight, there are certain factors which makes Nginx more influential and dominant over Apache. They are,

  • Event-driven approach
  • Lightweight and faster architecture
  • Performs 2.5 times faster in fetching static content
  • Speed and quick request interpretation (essential to e-commerce sites)
  • Advanced media streaming modules

Further, Nginx can manage thousands of concurrent requests and owns the capacity to power 50% of the traffic sites on the web.


Here you can find more


I will recommend Nginx. 

Manish Mittal