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Blank page with "Not supported"

Blank page with "Not supported"

Hi all,


I'm having issues installing Magento 2...


I've uploaded and expanded the Mage 2 CE files to the server, configured everything accordingly (i.e changed ownership, permissions etc via ssh) and tried to run the setup wizard through the browser. What I'm presented with is simply a blank page saying "not supported".


The server is running php 5.6.26, mysql 5.6.33 and Apache 2.4.23 (cpanel).


There's no error logs in cPanel to help diagnose the issue.


Has anyone else experienced this?


Thank you in advance


Re: Blank page with "Not supported"

Hi @rfindlayuk,



Could you please upload a screenshot of the error to and paste the link in a new reply?



Best regards.

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Re: Blank page with "Not supported"

Hi Guarino, thanks for getting back to me.


Here's the screengrab you requested:


I'm getting no clues from console or the error logs as to what the problem could be. The server is running the appropriate versions of php/apache etc to handle Magento 2..


I've had no issues installing 1.9 to date. 


Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!