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Composer Create Project Fails With Stability Error

Re: Composer Create Project Fails With Stability Error

This was an issue with the repository that has been fixed for several months now. I have had no issues with downloading project files since. This issue may have resurfaced, but it's unlikely. Make sure your PHP CLI version matches the PHP version Magento recommends based on your Magento version. For example, 2.2 is PHP 7.1 and 2.3 is PHP 7.3


Can you verify what version of Magento and Composer you're using? Magento 2.3.7+ & Magento 2.4 need Composer v2 while Magento 2.3.6 and prior to that will need Composer v1. 

Re: Composer Create Project Fails With Stability Error

Hello @all,

if you are still struggling with this, try below method :


It looks issue with Magento keys, create a new key into Magento marketplace ( > Access keys.


If you have already created a key, while installation, Magento will ask for those keys.


If while installing via composer, you are not getting asked for keys, then externally add your keys in composer by below command :

composer.phar global config <public_key> <private_key>

and then install Magento again via composer.


Hope it helps ~

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