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Configurable products import / EAN codes

Configurable products import / EAN codes



We have decided to migrate from woocommerce to Magento 2. I am preparing CSV data for initial import, and I am stuck with configurable products setup. We are selling sport equipment, lot of shoes, garments with sizes etc..


Every product size has corresponding EAN code. EAN codes of all of our products are of course different and every EAN code is connected with one size. This way we could easily work on daily product updates, and we had BULK update utility which reads qty per EAN code from our CSV daily update file.


Now in Magento 2 I am not sure whether EAN code should be among SKU's like I used to or we should list it as attribute? 


If I determine EAN codes as SKU for every configurable, while preparing CSV import file I find it very challenging to fulfill configurable_variations field connected with every size and every EAN code per product. We have thousand of products with many variations/EAN codes and I don't know how to do it. In woocommerce it was very easy, In one column was EAN code, in another column but same row was corresponding size and that was enough for import. Now I see that I have to put all EAN codes like (sku=8034033105373,footwear_eu=35.5|sku=8034033105380,footwear_eu=36|sku=8034033105397,footwear_eu=36 ⅔|) for every product in one single cell.. I don't know how to do it with so many sizes/EAN codes per product.


Is there any other way, or I'm thinking wrong?