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Configure product range

Configure product range



We would like to configure a product range (or serie) in addition to the normal product categories, as in the following way.


Brand > Product Range > Product


What is the most logical and SEO friendly way to achieve this?



Thank you in advance.


Re: Configure product range

@PentarouI guess you are on the right path. More URL and More keywords in the URL will help you in SEO. You need to make sure that you enable the Canonical Tags from the configuration so that search engines does not consider different URL as duplicate URL's.


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Re: Configure product range

Thank you kindly for your reply, hellotaran,


We have built a logical, fairly SEO optimized and solid category structure, that is not the problem.

On some sites that are using Magento, I noticed that, in addition to the usual category structure, they somehow managed to group products from a certain product range of a brand together. I'm curious about how this has been done, and if this is a feature that comes out of the box in Magento 2.