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Confusion Over Documentation (Ownership and Permissions)


Confusion Over Documentation (Ownership and Permissions)



  • The web server user, which runs the Magento Admin and storefront.
  • A command-line user, which is a local user account you can use to log in to the server. This user runs Magento cron jobs and command-line utilities.


I don't understand what each of these users are. I have a private server that I host many domains on. One of them is The username for is foofoo. I have installed Magento (via Composer) in the public_html directory of foofoo's home directory.


1. What is my "webserver" user?

2. What is my "command-line" user?


I installed Magento logged in as foofoo, via:


#composer create-project --repository-url= magento/project-community-edition store


I didn't sudo foofoo, as this didn't appear necessary.


Thank you for any guidance,




CentOS / Magento 2.0.7




Re: Confusion Over Documentation (Ownership and Permissions)

If you have a private server, then you use the two-user setup on the overview page you mentioned. This means the command-line user is a user you create on the server, which in your case is foofoo.


The web server user is the user the web server runs as; the pre-installation file system page has information on how to find that user. Typically, it's www-data on Ubuntu or apache on CentOS (for Apache). If you're using nginx, it's typically nginx.


All you need to do is to add the foofoo user to the web server user's group and follow the other instructions on the pre-installation page and you should be set.