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Connection "default" is not defined

Connection "default" is not defined

Fresh Magento installation on vagrant fails using the web setup or the CLI. The database is fine and it connects fine as well.

Magento version 2.0.4 downloaded from the official ZIP repo.

[ERROR] exception 'DomainException' with message 'Connection "default" is not defined' in /vagrant/www/vendor/magento/framework/App/ResourceConnection.php:115

Anybody seen this before?


Configuration: vagrant ubuntu 14.04, latest HHVM, nginx and mariadb


Re: Connection "default" is not defined

Running into the same issue...

Ubuntu 16.04
Varnish :80

Nginx :8080
HHVM :8000 3.11.1+dfsg-1ubuntu1/ 5.6.99-hhvm
running in fcgi mode, with fallback to
php7-fpm running at local socket.


After stopping the hhvm service, the install routine did work in my case...
So this is related to hhvm.

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Re: Connection "default" is not defined

i replaced hhvm with php7 and everything worked fine. The installer check needs to warn if hhvm is not supported, not leave us to scratch our heads to find out Smiley Happy

Re: Connection "default" is not defined

I am running into the same issue.


Vagrant Box:

Ubuntu 14.04

PHP 5.6.21

Apache 2.4

Re: Connection "default" is not defined



Have you tried to disable hhvm:


sudo service hhvm stop
sudo service php5-fpm start