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Correct multistore setup for Magento 2.1.9

Correct multistore setup for Magento 2.1.9



I'm working with magento 2.19, and I want to make sure to have the right multistore setup from the beginning.


We have one url:


For that url we need 2 languages(English and Spanish) and two currencies (EUR & USD) where we can set fixed prices for each currency. We don't want one base currency (EUR) X forex rate = USD price


For that I have a module(Multiple Storeview pricing) to set base currency on storeview level and then structure:


Website: X

   Store: X Store

      Storeview: X English EUR

      Storeview: X English USD

      Storeview: X Spanish EUR

      Storeview: X Spanish USD


Is this the right approach ?


The challenge is we need to copy all translations between the storeviews, e.g X English EUR  to X English USD and the same for the spanish storeviews.



Re: Correct multistore setup for Magento 2.1.9

Yes this is correct configuration for your store with each store with separate currency. I think you get a extension from Third party extension provider company and if you faced any issue you can also contact him as well.


After setup you need to run indexing and flush command to see your changes in site.

Please let me know if you have any query.


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If Issue Solved, Click Kudos/Accept As solutions.