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Data Migration Tool - Data - migrate:data


Data Migration Tool - Data - migrate:data

Hello All,


I am trying to port existing magento to Magento 2.0. I was able to run ./magento migrate:settings (mode) , but when I executed data mode, there were errors


[ERROR]: Source documents are missing or not mapped: amazon_log_api,amazon_log_exception


I have added ignore fields to the file map.xml present in <root folder>vendor/magento/data-migration-tool/etc/ce-to-ce/


Below is the example I have added,




Even though after making all above mentioned modification, I can see error which says it could not map database

I have followed suggestions from this post, but It did not help


Please let me know how to proceed further by adding, particualy, where to add ignore fields,

I have added all fields in each table, it would be nice if there is a option to just mention table and all its column would be automatically ignored.


Also, if there are any issues, please let me know, As I am a beginner, please explain me in detail as it would really help me to understand, Appreciate your help, I have tried for a week and was frustrated as I could not find more information,


Looking forward for your response,


Re: Data Migration Tool - Data - migrate:data

If anyone looking for the answer, please visit following thread,

It is been discussed here,




Re: Data Migration Tool - Data - migrate:data

Wonder if you have tried another approach to migrate data to Magento 2?


We have an easy tool to ease the data migration, via an intuitive user interface right in your Magento 2 admin panel. You can check this 9-minute video to see if it is good fit for your migration need:


PS. It's true that Magento Data Migration tool is powerful, yet it will take you learning curve to take full advantage of this tool. 


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