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Data Migration & custom order numbers

Data Migration & custom order numbers

I'm testing magento 2 and migrated our old (test) store with the ubertheme data migration tool.

Everything imported nicely but when I create a new order through frontend or backend, the orders start with 000000001 instead of the last order number (123007191). Maybe this has to do with me changing the order numbers in magento ?


I've tried changing the order numbers the same way I've changed it in magento 1.8 (through phpmyadmin), but it doesn't work.

I hope to avoid reinstalling and reimporting everything as it took me almost a day to get it to import everything.


How do I change it back to the old order number?




Re: Data Migration & custom order numbers

Did you upgrade your old database or import the data from your old database to your new one?

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Re: Data Migration & custom order numbers

I have developed the «Sales Documents Numeration» extension for Magento 2.

It allows a Magento 2 store's administrator to use a custom numeration for the sales documents: orders, invoices, shipments, and credit memos.

Re: Data Migration & custom order numbers

Hi @The Tankgirl,

What do think about using an extension to change the order number of your new store? You can try Custom Order Number for Magento 2 extension from BSSCommerce.

These are main features of Magento 2 Custom Order Number extension:

  • Customize order number by creating a flexible format with letters and various variables: Counter, Date, Random Number, Store ID,...
  • Set number start, increments and number padding for Counter variable
  • Use order number as invoice, shipment and credit memo number or custom the new numbering for them
  • Reset counter manually or configure to reset daily, weekly, monthly, yearly automatically
  • Customize unique numbers and set individually counter for each store view

At BssCommerce, we offer you the best support with free installation, free update, free 1-year support and 30-day money back. Let’s explore and get the module now!