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Data Migration & custom order numbers


Data Migration & custom order numbers

Hello everyone,,,

I'm testing magento 2 and migrated our old (test) store with the ubertheme data migration tool.

Everything imported nicely but when I create a new order through frontend or backend, the orders start with 000000001 instead of the last order number (123007191). Maybe this has to do with me changing the order numbers in magento ?


I've tried changing the order numbers the same way I've changed it in magento 1.8 (through phpmyadmin), but it doesn't work.

I hope to avoid reinstalling and reimporting everything as it took me almost a day to get it to import everything.


How do I change it back to the old order number??


Re: Data Migration & custom order numbers

You can try running this query


ALTER TABLE sequence_order_1 AUTO_INCREMENT = xxx


"1" stands for store id

"xxx" as max order number on your current store


If this still continues to fail you, you can gain help from this team of Magento developers. Good luck!


Re: Data Migration & custom order numbers

Did you upgrade your old database or import the data from your old database to your new one?


Regards cartoonhd
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