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Development, Staging, Production Server Suggestions

Development, Staging, Production Server Suggestions

I am trying to fire up this question again, I had tried to get an answer for older versions of Magento but nobody seemed to have any workable solutions. I am now on Magento 2.2.3 and hoping there is a real solution. 


I need to at least have a staging server and a production server. However, when doing an upgrade, changing a theme, installing extensions, adding products etc. It makes changes to a number of tables in the database, include config settings. 


I cannot just copy the staging database to the production server when I go live because orders have been coming in while I have been working on the site. 


How do I either sync everything in the production database except orders and customers ? or how do I sync orders and customers from the live database to the staging one before moving it into production. 



How do others do it ?


Re: Development, Staging, Production Server Suggestions

Hello @mousepad



When you do first time migration from staging to live, we will copy the whole DB.


In next release, we will do manually change from admin side.


After the first release, we are making a release note for each release, so after moving files from staging to live, we will read each release note and make changes into the live site.


Magento provides a command for config dump, but not working if it contains backend model.


Hope it will help you.