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Directory structure when migrating to Magento

Directory structure when migrating to Magento

A couple questions...


1. What is the recommended best practice for the location to install Magento - in the root, a subdirectory, or a subdirectory with a bunch of htaccess directives to make the subdirectory invisible to visitors? Note that I currently have zencart in the root, with Wordpress installed in a subdirectory, and Wordpress posts are integrated into zencart. I'm not too worried about moving Wordpress to wherever I need to, but I thought I'd mention it.


2. I have zencart installed now in my root. I want to migrate to Magento. What do you suggest I use for a temporary Magento location before I make the live switch? I can think of a few options:


  • New Hosting Account - Create a new hosting account (with my same host) with only an IP address, and configure Magento for now with the IP as the domain (if possible). To go live I'll have my host switch the domain over to the new IP.
  • Subdomain - Create a subdomain, which my host structures as a subdirectory. To go live I'll move zencart into a subdirectory and move Magento to the root. This doesn't lend itself to reversing the process easily if I mess up and need more time.
  • Subdirectory - Create a /store subdirectory. To go live I'll leave Magento there and either have "/store" in my URLs or use tricky htaccess rules to make it hidden to visitors while not affecting my admin or my Wordpress install.

I'm thinking the first option, creating a new account, is the best for ease of switching/testing. Thoughts?




Re: Directory structure when migrating to Magento

You can install Magento in any way you described: to a domain, to a subdirectory, or to a subdomain.

A technical information about installing Magento 2 into a subdirectory:

Re: Directory structure when migrating to Magento

I'll recommend either a new hosting account or a subdomain (where the files are located outside of the main domain). 


I wouldn't recommend a subdirectory because any .htaccess files in the main directory may affect the subdirectory as well, making troubleshooting a little more difficult.