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Don't able to execute a php order

Don't able to execute a php order

Hello people,


i am new in developing with magento so i got this issue while installing Magento 2. I followed the step-to-step guide, which is explained in the book of Alexander Steireif with the ISBN 978-3-8362-4231-8.

While following his instructions I have to execute the following steps in the console:


cd C:/xampp/htdocs/magento

php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy de_DE


But at this point I got an issue with the "php". It can't be executed because it was spelled wrong or is unknown.

The path of the installed data is as mentioned before.


Do you have any ideas how to solve this issue or have any links which might help me?


Thanks for helping and have a nice weekend!


Re: Don't able to execute a php order

I think you have missed the Composer installation without composer installation you cant run any Magento 2 commands. You need to first install composer to run magento commands.


You can check your composer status and if already installed or not using below magento own documentation links,

install Composer in magento 2


Please let me know if you have any query.



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