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Error in my multi store config....


Error in my multi store config....

magento 2.2


I'm trying to configure multi store but I get 404 error when try to access the norwegian store

I tryed to access it using <--- where mydomain is a replacement for actual domain


Have read here about it need a urlidentifier, but not sure what that is or how it is specified:


Have read the documentation too, but I'm not sure still:


Can someone guide me on this subject?







Re: Error in my multi store config....

Looks like I have solved it. What solved it was that I had been adding store code to the base url, base link etc. I removed it and it was solved... (so far it looks like it is solved)


Tip to magento. Update your documentation... I was confused as it said I had to use a url-identifier, and I wasn't sure how to sepcify url-identifier.... Spent entire day on this issue


To the community: Sorry I posted several posts about this subject yesterday, I was just eager to solve this issue

Re: Error in my multi store config....

Hi @Loginname


Yes , in your screenshot itself showing that - you have enable options called "Add store code to URLs"


So that's the reason store code is adding with domain name and you are getting the issue !


Thanks for sharing the solution , its help to some one else if they found the same problem !


Keep helping others Smiley Happy

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