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File Organization Best Practice

File Organization Best Practice

I am setting up Magento on a VPS. I have organized the server with the following folders in the "root" of my server space:







Under the "www" folder I have placed two folders:


<domain name>.ext



I have uncompressed the Magento files under the "magento2" folder.

I go to the web browser, and using "www.<domain name>.ext/magento2" or "www.<domain name>.ext/www/magento2" or "IP number/www/magento2" - I try to bring up the Magento installation wizard without success. I get a message "internal server error". I don't know if it is bad file organization or bad file access permissions. I suspect that it is my file organization.


Anyone with ideas to solve this?




Re: File Organization Best Practice

How to diagnose «500 Internal Server Error»: