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Flash Install error


Flash Install error

I have same issue as same as


 i already tried 


Locate the max_execution_time setting.
Change its value to 18000.
tried stop httpd and start httpd..


still the same, it stopped at 

Installing... 66%

Module 'Magento_ConfigurableSampleData':
Installing data... 
already wait for 20 mins.....
any idea to fix it ?

Re: Flash Install error

Please follow this blog from Magento forums,

Might be helpful for you.

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Re: Flash Install error

Hi @chris_chiu


Looks like you have only increase max_execution_time , but you actually need to increase memory_limit as well !


Generally this kind of issue occurs when max_input_time  and memory_limit is not set properly, below is the configuration which is needed !


In your php.ini file increase values of below parameters.


  • max_execution_time = 18000
  • max_input_time = 1800
  • memory_limit = 1024M

Note : Make sure you increase max_input_time value to at least 1800 and it will works !! 

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