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How can I edit Stock Quantities

How can I edit Stock Quantities

My product has a 0 "In Stock" quantity and the textbox is grayed out so I cannot edit it.


The 3 configured products each have a stock quantity of 1


How can I show a quantity of 3  or 1 or at least get the product to not be out of stock?


screen shot -->


Thank you


Re: How can I edit Stock Quantities

Did you work out a fix?

I have the same issue, all of my configurable products have stock but the "master" (sorry new to magento and not familiar with the terminology) product has 0 stock with greyed out text box so can't edit.

Any help would be appreciated



Re: How can I edit Stock Quantities

Actually I found a dirty hack - this is what Magento does to me as it doesn't seem to work as it should....


UPDATE cataloginventory_stock_item SET qty = '100.0000' where product_id = xxx


Obviously xxx is the product_id showing in ID column on Catalog page.


Hope this helps someone