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How to change the CMS

How to change the CMS

Please do let me know that how can I change the CMS of my website. My website is related to spy gadgets and currently, I am using wordpress as a CMS but the performance of this CMS is not good. So please tell me that how can I change it. 
Thank You


Re: How to change the CMS

Many large sites, such as A List Apart, Appvalley download which migrated from a custom CMS to Expression Engine last year, are transferred from one CMS to another. That's a total of 12 years of stuff migrated! I recently learned that this is accomplished by exporting the database. To accommodate the new CMS, the database structure may need to be tweaked somewhat. Personally, I have no idea how to accomplish this, but that is how it works. You could also get additional advice from the database staff. If you're skilled with databases, you may compare the DBs of the CMS you're using and the one you're switching to and make the appropriate changes.