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How to create a product in Magento with Multiple sizes

How to create a product in Magento with Multiple sizes

I'm trying to learn Magento and how to create a product that comes  in different sizes, each with a different price.


From what I found through Google ( it appears I need to create each product size as a "Simple Product".


So I will do that now.


But then how do I tie them all together to give the appearance in the Store Front that they are one single product with different sizes that get selected from a dropdown box?


Thanks for assisting me to get started with Magento


Re: How to create a product in Magento with Multiple sizes



It is possible to create products variations in 2 ways: simple products with custom options (do not allow to track stock os sold items, but are easy to create) and configurable products (allows to create 1 parent configurable products and link to it simple products - but is might be difficult).


Let me explain in more details and offer links for further reference.


Simple Products with Custom Options - how to create them

You create product os simple type - like T-Shirt and in tab 'Custom options' add select option of drop-down input type and add values like - s, m, l, xl etc



Here is what you get -



Configurable product with associated simple products - how to create
First of all you need to go to Catalog ->L Attributes -> Manage attributes and add new attribute Size in attribute set that you will use for product creation. Note it is required to be:
- drop-down,
- scope- global
- should be assigned to configurable and simple products


 After that you need to create configurable product and in tab Associated Products create all size variations (they will be created as simple products of different sizes) or if the goods are ready-made link them to parent configurable -

 Here is also an article with details explanation on configurable products creation -

Update: Just noticed that you are in section for  Magento 2, there things with configurable are easier, as you can use 'Create Configurations' option -



Store Manager for Magento 1.x and 2.x - inventory management tool to automatically update products, customers, orders, and other data across multiple sales channels and suppliers.

Re: How to create a product in Magento with Multiple sizes

Start with creating a configurable product.