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I Have Ditched Magento 2.

I Have Ditched Magento 2.

Because I cannot get any help, and I cannot get paypal to integrate, I have placed magento 2 firmly in the bin after completely wasting 3 weeks of my time.


Re: I Have Ditched Magento 2.

you need to work by creatin a plan , and fix every issue one by one,

get more information and resources before you start


if no devs to help you, then you should know what you are doing.

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Re: I Have Ditched Magento 2.

Thank you for posting this, I will hold up for a year or so, untilost of these issues have been sorted out as well.

I don't have the time or money to fiddle with incomplete software that was launched as a 'beta' but labeled ready for market.

1.9 is perfectly fine for a long time ...