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I give up.

I give up.

In my opinion, Magento 2 its a downgrade from 1.


Unbelievable and uncountable errors during installation. No one with no-sysop knowledge will get this working right, this is just too much guys.

Deploy won't work even with all the extensions and requirements, permissions are a nightmare, composer is ridiculous for a small company, so...Magento 2 is just for enterprise company who are willing to pay 4.000 USD a month for maintenance.


This is just,,, i have no words for it, seriously.

I been tried them all, Prestashop, Opencart, almost all versions of magento 1.0, this is just ridiculous, magento 2.0 is not ready and you all know it, yes, you ALL know it.


Just delete and start all over ok?


Re: I give up.

Hi @ojitos


Could you mention what kind of errors did you face? Which version of Magento 2 you were using enterprise or community?

If you can mention the issues in details and what you did to fix those people may try to help you.


Magento 2 is a completely new technology stack upgrade, it may have challenges to learn and handle. Please do not give up so early.

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Re: I give up.

It was a pig to install when it was first released but now it's pretty simple to install, maybe you should ask someone who knows what there doing to install it for you. Or put up a list of the errors you where getting. What server are you trying to install it on hopefully not GoDaddy $1.00 with a free domain name.

Re: I give up.

I had 2 weeks of great difficulty. Changed my hoster.

It is a drag and drop install and just setup! Relax sit back and have coffee.

However with shared hosting you get privilge problems when assigning the database.


You need a magento able hoster!! Not any hoster.

Install procedure isnt even worth a youtube instruction once you know.


I struggled along coming from primitive filezilla environments.

You need prerequistes met to specs. PHP 5.6 better 7 and MYSQL 5.6

And above all enough mysql privileges!


The work is Magento itself, to setup shop(s). You need field knowledge in sales and logistics.

Just webdesign wont do. Besides it is costly to use Magento. This is no Wordpress with WOO-Commerce.

Previous Magento installs are just as easy but require less privileges and have more free "plugins" and books around.

So worthwhile to stlll be around 1.7, 1.8 or 1.9.


BTW just FTP-ing in Magento file systems does not work! Get corrupted. So get a hoster where you can drop the whole zip or drag in a GIT install or you are in for a bunch error messages because of incompleteness. And no, no composer to be used on installer.. That is for a PC. Never run a webshop on your PC in the attic...... Cheap enough hosters around.


Dont read to many googled Faqs, ask the right people. I wasted 2 weeks reading too much stuff with non relevant error messages.

After you get to Magento you need devote lot time to security and tyding shop and planning. No good for a hobby.

Re: I give up.

If your server is fit for it, Magento is really not any more difficult to install than any other web software, but if your server is not prepared for it you are going to have problems. If you can't handle the sysadmin stuff yourself, get a good host that knows Magento or hire a sysadmin to do the work for you. As a shop owner you should not have to deal with the tech stuff anyway. You should be focusing on running a business and making sales.
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Re: I give up.

Sounds like a conspiracy to me


magento 2.0 is not ready and you all know it, yes, you ALL know it.

Re: I give up.

Good to know I'm not completely crazy - yet!  I am considering changing hosts as suggested to a company that supports M2.  I cannot get the site to index, and I think the host is the problem.  Otherwise, I like 2!

Re: I give up.

After reading these posts, I have a question. Im in the process of installing magento 2 on xampp locally and Im a beginner.  I like the idea of the ability of installing from my host, but is it possible to work on the site offline while Im setting up my site, then go live? 



Re: I give up.

Im worried that if I have to go through what ezekieel has that I will give up too!  Hence the above question.  Thanks for any help

Re: I give up.

I can't take the glory for that quote, joking aside if i was you i would steer clear of Magento 2 for now, it's not ready,  Just stick with 1.9 and setup a 2 site for testing etc.