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Install problem glob()


Re: Install problem glob()

i'm on php 5.5 (don't know which one)

cloned the github repository for installation

i got the autoload error 'glob() returned error while searching in '....../lib/internal/*/*/*/registration.php'


all glob() errors are generated by app/etc/NonComposerComponentRegistration.php


it checks several paths to registration.php files and cli_commands.php file.

all the other files are present in the installation, but in the above path there are no registration.php files (and no composer.json files).


so i comment this line and got rid of the error.

$pathList[] = dirname(dirname(__DIR__)) . '/lib/internal/*/*/*/registration.php'; 


i just wonder whether my installation is not complete, as i haven't got those files.


should the above path contain registration.php files?


any insight would be appreciated cheers!