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Installation stuck at 0%

Installation stuck at 0%

Trying to install 2.1.2 with sample data.  When trying to do the install I get the error: 

Installation is incomplete.
Check the console log for errors before trying again.

Console log:

Starting Magento installation:
File permissions check...

Required extensions check...

Enabling Maintenance Mode...

Installing deployment configuration...

Increased memory limit from 512 to unlimited (temporary) since I was seeing a "Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted" error in my logs. Restarted Apache but nothing has changed.  Holy hell!!!..... I am going insane trying to get the **bleep** software installed.  Going on 3 weeks now for simply trying to just get Magento installed.  Started with simply needing to upgrade my php to what is required then it said mySQL was out of date.  So I had to move to an entire new server to meet those requirements which is always an ordeal.  It seems ever other step on trying to get this installed gives me some type of error.  About to give up and move onto some other cart system.  Been building websites for 15 years now and have never had this many problems just trying to get things started!


Re: Installation stuck at 0%

You may have tried this already, I didn't see it in your post. Some of the scripts require more than the default execution time.

Try and change your max_execution_time to 360 seconds (360000) during the install, it should go all the way through. After the install just revert back. 


Let me know if this doesn't work, it did work for us, seems odd at 360, but the install should go through. Good luck. 




Re: Installation stuck at 0%

Yeah I did try that.  Finally gave up (since this has been ongoing for a month) and just ended up installing OpenCart which took about 15 minutes to complete.  Thanks for the suggestion.