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Installing behind apache reverse proxy

Installing behind apache reverse proxy



I search the web but didn't find a solution yet.

We want to install Magento behind a apache reverse proxy.

The proxy terminates the ssl https connection and forwards the request via http to magento.

So I install magento with https disabled.

But the static files finally have a http address which leads to mixed content.

Please can someone help?


Thank You!


Re: Installing behind apache reverse proxy

Did you manage to find a solution for this issue, dude? I'm trying to do the same thing right now, and I also cannot set up the reverse proxy. I tried to do many things, including some recommendations from some Hindi guys that I found on youtube who have some great tutorials. However, nothing works out. Now, I have the last option, and I hope it will work out. A friend of mine recommended I use to try to achieve that, as he has done it using these proxies, and everything went fine.

Re: Installing behind apache reverse proxy

You may need to edit your Apache configuration to reverse proxy your SSL traffic properly. Try adding the following lines to your Apache config: SSLProxyEngine On SSLProxyCheckPeerCN on SSLProxyCheckPeerName on

Re: Installing behind apache reverse proxy

You may not need to install Magento with HTTPS disabled if you can configure your reverse proxy to handle the SSL termination and forward the request to Magento via HTTP. If you're having trouble getting the static files to load over HTTPS, you may need to adjust your Magento settings or file permissions. Can you provide more details about your setup and the specific error you're receiving? Anyway, as a solution to your problem, I can recommend using third-party proxies from I have used them since 2019 and have never had any issues with them. It's the easiest way, I see.