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Installing behind apache reverse proxy

Installing behind apache reverse proxy



I search the web but didn't find a solution yet.

We want to install Magento behind a apache reverse proxy.

The proxy terminates the ssl https connection and forwards the request via http to magento.

So I install magento with https disabled.

But the static files finally have a http address which leads to mixed content.

Please can someone help?


Thank You!


Re: Installing behind apache reverse proxy

Did you manage to find a solution for this issue, dude? I'm trying to do the same thing right now, and I also cannot set up the reverse proxy. I tried to do many things, including some recommendations from some Hindi guys that I found on youtube who have some great tutorials. However, nothing works out. Now, I have the last option, and I hope it will work out. A friend of mine recommended I use to try to achieve that, as he has done it using these proxies, and everything went fine.