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Is Code Migration Toolkit dead?

Is Code Migration Toolkit dead?

Is the Code Migration Toolkit dead? There are several open issues on the GitHub repo stating that this toolkit is broken. I posted a question on Magento Stack Exchange nearly three weeks ago about mapping issues, still no answers. That leads me to think that this toolkit is abandoned and dead. If that is true it's really bad since Magento links to the toolkit from their official documentation Smiley Sad


Is there anyone out there that knows how these mapping issues can be fixed? I would very much like to migrate some Magento 1 modules to Magento 2. A toolkit would be a great help!


Re: Is Code Migration Toolkit dead?


Toolkit for Magento Migration is not dead. Its Still active.


Might be possibility is that you have generate ticket but magento developer has not given any response for your issue its doesn't mean toolkit is dead. Might be your ticket will be checked and give you response for your issue.


For Stackexchange post, If none of the users not know about your solutions then not given any answer to your post.


Might be its tricky for answer so that would be case will be possible and no answer getting for your post.


Recently I have used toolkit migration code for one of my projects to data migration from magento 1 to magento 2.


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Re: Is Code Migration Toolkit dead?

Hi @Rakesh Jesadiya!


Thanks for your answer! You're the first person I come in contact with regarding this problem! Smiley Happy


I'm not just referring to a single ticket I've opened myself. The following issues are open and unresolved on the GitHub repo:
Opened May 7 2018:
Opened May 26, 2017:
Opened Nov 22, 2016:
Opened Jul 27, 2016:


And there are several unresolved tickets on Magento Stack Exchange as well, for instance:
Opened 1 month ago:
Opened 1 year ago:
Opened 7 months ago:


Seems to me I'm not the only person having problem with this toolkit.


How did you manage to get the mappings correct? I get tons of warnings if I try to migrate without remapping, and I get a whole bunch of them if I try to regenerate the mappings...


What Magento versions of Magento 1 and 2 did you use when you used the toolkit successfully?

Re: Is Code Migration Toolkit dead?

Kindly follow below blogs I have migrated data using below blogs,


First, I have download data-migration toolkit from below commands,

composer config repositories.magento composer
composer require magento/data-migration-tool:<version>

Kindly refer above blog, I have refer above blogs and works fine.

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Re: Is Code Migration Toolkit dead?

@Rakesh Jesadiya You are talking about a different toolkit: Data Migration Tool. I am talking about Code Migration Toolkit.