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Is Magento for me

Is Magento for me

Hello everyone,


I'm a non technical guy trying to put up my new ecommerce website for my start up. We expect around 20,000 customers monthly. 


I was long confused between Prestashop and Magento. I thought Prestashop would be fine for me as I'm a non programmer and it is relatively easy to set up than Magento but Prestashop is not compatible with any of the logistic provider here in India. Also, hoping to grow some day, Magento seems like a fair choice. Heard a lot about the great community support here I thought of taking a dive in to learning Magento.


But, soon after installing I realise that there aren't too many tutorial videos or articles on Magento for beginners; there were a ton for developers. 


Since we are a start up we do not wish to spent money in hiring a dev. I can however learn it if its not too complicated and if its one time thing. 


Please suggest me if Magento is really for me. 


Thanks in advance. 


Re: Is Magento for me

Yes, magento is for you.

You can start with magento technical guidance from here,


Ask new question in Magento forum as well as magento stack exchange.

There are many developer which will constantly help in magento forums and stack exchange.


FInd Magento extension from


Also There are lots of blog related to magento related stuff.

If Issue Solved, Click Kudos/Accept As solutions.

Re: Is Magento for me

Thanks. So I would presume that I would never need any coding knowledge ever. 
Briefly surfing through the forum I realised that the problem and their solution are pretty complex... like running sql queries. I don't even know where to run them, if at all I had to run one in future. So are you sure people here would be so patient to make me learn from scratch?

Thanks again.