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Is anyone running a LIVE Magento 2 E-commerce site?

Is anyone running a LIVE Magento 2 E-commerce site?

My developer and I have been working to get a Magento 2 site up for months now.  I have a well-established, 11 year old e-commerce site using OSCommerce and am finally migrating to maintain PCI compliance.  But every single day there is an issue.  Seriously, every single day.  I have a drop-dead launch date of June 1, and I'm immensely regretting not going with a 1.9 solution.  This is my only income, and I am now having doubts that I'll be able to launch. 


Somebody, please tell me that it's possible to get a stable Magento 2 site that doesn't stop loading or only show 1/2 the page every other time someone looks at it.


Anyone live or are you all still in development?


Re: Is anyone running a LIVE Magento 2 E-commerce site?

Hi @FaeriesDance


What kind of issue are you facing? If you can mention the issues people may be able to help you.

There are 800+ site up and working on Magento 2.

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Re: Is anyone running a LIVE Magento 2 E-commerce site?

Hi muk_t,


Today's problem is that the product pages simply stop loading, even though they were working fine yesterday. 


One ongoing issue is not being able to sign up for the newsletter, which we posted for help elsewhere.


More to the point, every single day something breaks.  Now maybe it's because I'm starting with a large database already since this is a migration from OSC, not a new store.  But I was wondering if anyone actually had a live, working store because my deadline is approaching and I'm getting really nervous that this feels more like a beta product than a viable storefront.

Re: Is anyone running a LIVE Magento 2 E-commerce site?

UPDATE: My host thinks that there might be a character limit on the product description.  Since we imported the data, it could have overridden the limit on some products and cause random issues.


Are you aware of this?  If so, do you know what the limit is?


Thank you,


Re: Is anyone running a LIVE Magento 2 E-commerce site?

Read this with some interest, it's really not an ideal situation. So far we are on the 4th clean install of Magento2 on a new clean system, installed 1.9x on the same instance first time without any problems.


We decided to try it as need to install for 100,000+ products so the issues are worthwhile to fix at this level, however if you only have 5,000-10,000 products the time vs effort really would be hard to justify. We also rarely use extensions and the custom code base is minimal so it allows an easy port, assuming it all works.

We will have it running in the next day or so and can then comment further, the problem with 1.9x is that it is looking very dated. On the pro side 1.9x has a lot of extensions, on the con side it has a lot of extensions, difficult to filter out the good from the bad so migrating to Magento 2 actually limits choice, which is not a bad thing.

The problem appears to have been related to a combination of browser caching and the way our NFS is set up, used Firefox instead of Chrome switching off the NFS and completed. It seems Magento 2 is compromised by the hosting environment, as it is partially rewritten any small issue looks to manifest itself in to something larger, none of these issues existed with 1.9x.

Re: Is anyone running a LIVE Magento 2 E-commerce site?


every single day something breaks


do you have any specific errors? what is your hosting specs, database size, catalog size, what exactly you have customized, etc


too little information from you....

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