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Magento Huge Database Before Upgrade

Magento Huge Database Before Upgrade


Our website is working on Magento When we controlled our database, we saw that size of db was 20GB. 

We're surprised how that's possible. Now, what we'd like to do is upgrading to the latest version. But, appearently, we will face some issues while upgrading because of this huge database.


May we decrease size of db before upgrading ?

What are your suggestions ?


Instead, is it better to re-build a new website than struggling with current website ?

Thank you.



Re: Magento Huge Database Before Upgrade

Hi @daupanisti1eb7 


Yes, you may remove the unnecessary data form the Magento1 database.


You may truncate the log tables. You may refer  and 
Note: Before doing this, take full database backup.


If you have many disabled products which are not required in Magento 2, you may delete those products.


Also check the non core Magento custom table and review the size and data in those.


This will be better if you remove all unnecessary data from the Magento1 database before migration.


It depends whether to rebuild website or not. If you rebuild from scratch then you will have to create all the products, categories and other data from scratch. You will be still required to migrate orders and customers from existing website.



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Re: Magento Huge Database Before Upgrade


Understanding the concern about the large database size in Magento, it's indeed a good idea to consider optimizing the database before attempting an upgrade. You can start by identifying and cleaning up unnecessary data, such as old logs, session information, or unused product images. Magento provides tools like log cleaning and reindexing that can help reduce the database size. However, before proceeding, ensure you have a reliable backup of your current website. Additionally, upgrading to the latest Magento version is a recommended step for security and performance enhancements. If the database size proves challenging, consulting with a Magento expert or development team can provide tailored solutions for your specific situation. Rebuilding a new website is an option, but it requires careful planning for data migration and theme customization. Assessing the pros and cons with professional advice will guide you to make an informed decision based on your business needs and goals.

Best regards.