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Magento 2 Installation issue

Magento 2 Installation issue

Hello everyone, to start with I would like to say that I am an absolute newbie with this software.


I have an issue with installing Magento on my webiste, went through the installation guide, made sure that fulfill all requirements from the software. Since I remember few years ago when I was doing the same process with other CMS's all you've had to do just copy all the docs and type and that when it all was beginning. Now I was searching for the "install" file and couldn't find it (I have downloaded magento 2 without samples). Also whole process takes loooong time to copy from my disc to the website.


If there is solution please help me


Re: Magento 2 Installation issue

Hello arrow91,


You should be able to find the install script inside the /setup/ directory.


If you still can't find it, let us know the method of installation you used.

Leslie B.
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