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Magento 2 fails - installing... 0%

Magento 2 fails - installing... 0%

I've uploaded Magento 2 through FTP,  ran my "domain name/setup"  everything went successful (server & database) until installing. Nothing happens - installing... 0% - for hours.


Installing Magento-CE-2_1_3  on  PHP 7.0.21


Any solution please?




Re: Magento 2 fails - installing... 0%

Still no reply. truly pathetic.

Bought a Magento theme for $90, spend 4 days looking for answers to install Magento 2 and can't find anything that make sense. now sending another $100 to get someone else to install it form me.


I don't know why Magento 2 is extremely complicated to install.

I've managed Magento 1 for years with no issues.