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Magento 2 installation on Vagrant with Docker provider stuck

Magento 2 installation on Vagrant with Docker provider stuck


I'm having a lot of problems with getting portable configuration for Magento 2 that will work on all systems. I'm using docker image with installed PHP7.0 (FPM) and nginx. There's another container linked to it with percona image to serve as database.

The image itself is working, however in process of powering up the box I'm running magento install script and it fails on *some* computers.

On some computers the installation process stuck. In CLI version in most cases it's stuck on Installing user configuration, on some Installing Indexers. On Web version I'm getting nginx timeout when trying to go step 4 of installation process.

However, on some computers the whole installation process works really fast and without any problems and I can't see relation of working-not working. I have a working and not working examples of machines with Windows 10 and machines with Linux (Mint).


I can't see any logs anywhere on the container saved (which I'm not 100% I configured them correctly though...).


Has anyone have any idea why the process that theoretically should be treated as running on same guest machines (same vagrant version, same boot2docker image version, same docker image version) is failing on some hosts computers?