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Magento 2 on share host


Magento 2 on share host

Anybody here has Magento 2 running on a share host (vs a dedicated server)? I am trying to install a fresh 2 for evaluation, my hosting company has all the required PHP and MySQL version. The installation passed the ready check but complained about insufficient MySQL privileges. After checking with the hosting company, it appears that they do not support any of the GRANT options on their shared hosting managed MySQL, they suggested going to their dedicated server, but that is kind of an over kill for us.


BTW, there were a couple of threads that discussed the very same subject ended early this year with no resolution. May be some thing new since??


Re: Magento 2 on share host

Hi @sschiang


For e commerce sites you should not prefer shared hosting. As you have many limitations with most of the shared hosting providers.


I think @JLHC should be able to answer your question in detail.

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Re: Magento 2 on share host

this is not about shared hosting, this is about your hosting provider limitations.

just get another provider and do you work.

this is not a problem to find better hosting.

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Re: Magento 2 on share host

@muk_t: Thanks for inviting me to join in on this topic. Shared hosting itself is not a bad thing if everything is properly setup and all the accounts are properly isolated from each other. Unfortunately some hosting providers do not do a good job on these matters and as such they give the rest a bad name. 


@sschiang: This does seem to be a problem which is specific to your hosting provider and not a problem with shared hosting in general. You do not need a dedicated server just to have access to the GRANT privileges in Magento. 

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Re: Magento 2 on share host

You can consider Using a VPS, with root access you can set up MySQL privileges

Re: Magento 2 on share host

Everyone who uses the Magento software must install Composer to update components and Magento. If you install Magento using an archive, you don't need Composer to install Magento, but you do need Composer for updates.