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Magento 2 problems with Vagrant and Mac Os

Magento 2 problems with Vagrant and Mac Os

I'm new on Magento2 and I've seen that the best practice to develop with Magento2 is to use Vagrant.

I have followed several tutorials about setting up Vagrant for Magento on Mac OS El Capitan/Sierra but I've found several issues.

From the command line I always have permission issues even if files have correct permissions.

I read that it could be a NFS problem and also that there is a bug in El Capitan/Sierra with NFS.

I didn't have any problems with Ubuntu instead

Is there someone that uses Vagrant with Mac OS that could help me to figure out with the configuration?

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Re: Magento 2 problems with Vagrant and Mac Os

I'm more familiar with Docker rather than Vagrant but, yes, permissions are a common issue when trying to run virtualised environments on mac. We experience a similar problem on docker as on Vagrant where permissions need to be just right. In general, we've had to change file permissions so that they are right for the web server within the VM and find workarounds for editing the files in IDE. 


If you do want to try Docker instead, here's what we use:

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