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Magento CE 2.2.2 installation via Softaculous

Magento CE 2.2.2 installation via Softaculous

I want to install Magento 2.2.2 with Softaculous within Cpanel.

Do I still need to do all the things in the Configuration Guide when installing with Softaculous?

Or is that only if I were to install manually?


There are many online tutorials in how to install via Softaculous but none really mention how to configure your server before hand, most of them just say 'hit install and you're good to go'.


Any advice would be welcomed. Thank You.



Re: Magento CE 2.2.2 installation via Softaculous

Softaculous is the most easiest way to install the Magento 2.0. It comes with pre-configured permission settings, so you won't face any problem at all. 

To install Magento. 


  1. Click on "Softaculous" 
  2. Locate "Magento" 
  3. Click "Install" button 
  4. Fill all the general information 
  5. And click "Install" 


This will automatically install magento on your server.




I presume you already have Softoculous installed on your VPS / Dedicated server of cPanel. 


If not, use the following steps ( once you logged into your server using root user via SSH ): 


wget -N

chmod 755


Best of luck.


Deepak K Rana ( Amforma )