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Magento Installer Hangs At 67%

Magento Installer Hangs At 67%

I'm trying to do a clean install of Magento 2 with sample data. But the installer keeps hanging. I refresh the page, start the installer again, but normally just hangs at another point But this time it just hangs at 67%. I've tried to install Magento 2 about 10 times now and each time it doesn't install correctly.

Also in php.ini I changed max_execution_time to 500, memory_limit to 2048M, post_max_size to 2048M, upload_max_filesize to 2048M and max_file_uploads to 2048.


I Use:

IIS 10

MySql 5.7

PHP 5.6.25


Update: I tried restarting IIS and then this happened:


Update: I give up:


Re: Magento Installer Hangs At 67%

Having the same problem, but as you have not had an any responses, I guess I will just give up as well. Smiley Sad

Re: Magento Installer Hangs At 67%

Can you not check the IIS logs to see if there was a problem. This is usually caused by a timeout error (504). Also I wouldn't recommend using IIS, please use Apache or Nginx, you can do this with WAMP or MAMP. More ideally though use Virtual Box and setup a proper LAMP or LEMP stack, guides for this can be found around the web.

Re: Magento Installer Hangs At 67%

Try max_execution_time=18000, memory_limit=1G