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Magento installation problem in frontend and backend

Magento installation problem in frontend and backend

Hi Vimal Kumar, I am very sorry for the abuse. I'm from Venezuela, could you help me with something that really worries me?   1.- I have no knowledge of magento, however, I look for videos and install and it does not show me the backend and the interface does not look very good. 2.- how to backup in the Magento version see. 3.- How do I do the migration? to the most current 

Re: Magento installation problem in frontend and backend

Hi @gelis_rodriguez,

I know your worries, I was in the same case too.

1. I found this 'install Magento store' video tutorial, it shows all details and steps to install a Magento 2: Or you can consult this document.


2. To backup your store on Magento 1.9: data backup can be done through the control panel (often called cPanel or admin panel) of your hosting provider. Magento experts also provide a dev document about how to create a backup on Magento 1.x:


3. The popular way to do the migration is using an automated migration tool that helps you automatically transfer all your data to your new store with a high level of security and accuracy, without interrupting your current store performance. Especially, you aren't a tech-guru so this tool will be the optimal choice for you. 

Basically, to perform the Magento migration, there are 3 simple steps:

  • Step 1: Setup Magento as your source cart and also your target cart. Enter your Magento store's URL and follow the instructions to set up the Connector.
  • Step 2: Select Data You Want To Migrate
  • Step 3: Perform Full Migration

If you need detailed information, this document about Magento migration will help you.

Re: Magento installation problem in frontend and backend

Hi @gelis_rodriguez

I understand your worries, am I will try to help you as much as I can.

1. For installation, you can refer to Magento guide, which tells you to step by step process of Magento installation

2. For Magento migration, you can refer to the case study blog for Magento migration, which will definitely help you, show that way for you to move to Magento 2