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Magento integration with SAGE

Magento integration with SAGE

Hello guys,

I am currently building an e-commerce site using Magento. The site will obtain product categories and product information such as product name, product price, SKU code, product contents and other necessary product details from SAGE without using an 3rd party products to create this connection. The SAGE will gather information and show this information on the front-end whilst having a stock management system.

Anyone that has had any previous experience connecting the two systems together and who would be able to advise how I will be able to get this information from SAGE please? How does it work? From Magento and my site's end, what kind of information would I need to create this connection with SAGE and what information is required vice versa?


Re: Magento integration with SAGE

Hello @menltongomes_me

Are you looking for something like this solution?

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