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Magento setup redirects


Magento setup redirects

/setup won't work for me. It redirects to



I've narrowed it down to module-backend/Model/Auth/Session.php getting NULL values for user and acl as shown below. But that's not very helpful to me.


public function isAllowed($resource, $privilege = null)
    $user = $this->getUser();
    $acl = $this->getAcl();


I can find dozens of similar issues where users are redirected to /setup/index.php/session/unlogin . I can find no solutions. What else can I check?


Re: Magento setup redirects

Hi there,

Is that a default Magento 2 installation?

What is the specific Magento 2 version?


Best regards.

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Re: Magento setup redirects

Yes, a default installation. 2.1.3


My issue is not uncommon:

Re: Magento setup redirects

I give up. Magento is not a product worth anyone's time. There's no support for this at all, and every site we've seen run Magento has been slow for end-users. What's the point? Four senior software developers can't make heads or tails of this code. We're moving on.