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Magento2 : Migrate from Magento 1.9

Magento2 : Migrate from Magento 1.9

We are planning to migrate Magento 1.9 to Magento2. However seems like there are still issues with Theme and Extension migration.

Reference URL :


Can you give us a LIST of TOP Magento 1.x Extensions that will be eventually compatible with Magento2 ? And the ETA fro the same ?


Thanks !


Re: Magento2 : Migrate from Magento 1.9

Magento 1.x extensions are not compatible with Magento 2 in most cases. So the good idea is to use upgraded extensions for Magento 2 most extensions providers offer. Similarly Theme migration is also not possible directly. You can either install a new theme from Magento marketplace or ask a developer/designer to develop a new theme for your store. 


For more Magento migration recommendations, refer to Checklist for Migrating from Magento 1.x to Magento 2.0 by deMagento

Re: Magento2 : Migrate from Magento 1.9



HenryRoger is correct.


I am Magento certified developer.


Migaration tool will migrate the website database only.


If you use free or paid theme you will get many extension in that theme.


If you need any other extension you have to buy them or if they are not available in Magento 2 then we can develop them.


But if you want exact copy of your Magento 1.x website. We can do that also but it will take some time.



Best regards,


Adrian Williams

S k y p e : cisindotadrian

Re: Magento2 : Migrate from Magento 1.9

Magento 1.x and 2.x have more difference in structure so you can not install M1 theme or extensions on M2.