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Magento2 setup wizard is not loading template files


Magento2 setup wizard is not loading template files



Currently I am installing a fresh copy of Magento2  for dev purposes but for some odd reason none of the template are loading in the Terms & Agreement page. I have installed Magento before and I have manged to fixed all other problems except for this one.


All I did was downloaded the zip file and extracted everything to the directory, then I navigated to the setup URL.


Installing on cloud server (Debian)

Apache: 2.4.10 

PHP 5.6

mod_rewrite is enabled and working.



Any help is greatly appreciated .




Re: Magento2 setup wizard is not loading template files

I figured it out, not sure if it's the correct way to fix this but,.. Anyways. I was getting

   Resource interpreted as Stylesheet but transferred with MIME type text/html 

Witch didn't allow the style sheet to be loaded, then I remembered that PHP5 defaults to "text/HTML So I changed it to default_mimetype = 'text/css, text/html'.


; By default, PHP will output a media type using the Content-Type header. To
; disable this, simply set it to be empty.
; PHP's built-in default media type is set to text/html.
default_mimetype = 'text/css, text/html'


hopefully this will help someone.


EDIT: Correction the above is not the final solution, that will only work with certain browsers.

The correct solution would be to disable default_mimetype in php.ini and enable apache2 headers.

In my case, all I had to do was 



a2enmod headers
apachectl restart