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MariaDB and Elasticsearch

MariaDB and Elasticsearch

Why does Magento 2 not support MariaDB 10.6 .... i have it running fine on MariaDB 10.6.7 ... it is just annoying that i have to change /app/etc/di.xml each time there is an update.. and also on new installs... WHY only 10.4 ?


Also Elasticsearch my server is running with Elasticsearch 7.17.2 and also that one works fine even with Magento 2.4.3-p1 and now 2.4.3-p2. 


Why not test and make Magento 2 compatible witn never server software faster.


Re: MariaDB and Elasticsearch

Magento has a list of system requirements and compatibility guidelines that have been tested and verified to work with the platform. While it is possible to use newer versions of software like MariaDB and Elasticsearch with Magento, it is not officially supported or recommended by Magento.

The reason why Magento only supports MariaDB 10.4 is that it is the version that has been tested and certified to work with Magento. Newer versions of MariaDB may work fine with Magento, but there is no guarantee that they will not have compatibility issues or cause other problems.

Similarly, while newer versions of Elasticsearch may work with Magento, Magento only officially supports specific versions of Elasticsearch that have been tested and verified to work correctly with the platform.

It is always possible to try using newer versions of software with Magento, but it is important to keep in mind that doing so may result in compatibility issues or other problems, and it is not officially supported by Magento.