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Migrate sales / content / products from M2.3.3 to fresh M2.4

Migrate sales / content / products from M2.3.3 to fresh M2.4

We now have a shop on 2.3.3p1.

As we are going to change theme and want to do update to 2.4 at once I was wondering the following.

If on the same server we setup a 'staging' environment but do a fresh new install of Magento 2.4 and we are going to design new theme there till we're happy.
Then on this 'staging' do fresh install of all the extensions we also have on 2.3.3

Can we then migrate to this the following from current 2.3.3p1 shop

- Settings
- All  content [ages / block / widgets / blog)
- Products
- Customers
- Invoices
- Credits
- Categories

Ofcourse essential all url needs to be the same so no SEO is being hurt

This way we can also make sure install is all good as our current 2.3.3p1 started as a Magento 1.6 back then so a lot of updates and a migration can have lead to some underlying issues in current shop.

Is this good idea or should we do normal staging, update from there and do delta migrations?

Advice is welcome