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New Magento 2 theme / design change

New Magento 2 theme / design change

So I want to completely reskin my site. I have a lot of sales data, product info and customer information in it. What is the best way to tackle this? If I start from scratch with a fresh install, then I need to export all customers, product, attributes, sales, promotional codes etc. from the live site and import into the new site.


If so, what are the tables that I would need to export and reimport into the new site to keep all my data ?

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Re: New Magento 2 theme / design change

Alternatively, should I start with the current live site, make a duplicate with all data and then once the design is working on staging site, export all design tables and config tables and any files import those into the original live site ?

Re: New Magento 2 theme / design change

Hello ,

There is very hard to do manually data transfer from Magento 1 to Magento 2.

More info:

Hope it will help you.

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Re: New Magento 2 theme / design change

No, I am not looking to migrate from Magento 1 to 2. The current site is in Magento 2.2.3 

I am just looking for the best way to put a new design on it. Obviously I need to work in a staging environment but then how do I move it to the live environment. 

Re: New Magento 2 theme / design change

Best way for your scenario is create new custom theme on staging site first.

Create new theme by below link,


Now First create custom theme based on your requirements and move all the files and folder of your new theme from app/design/frontend to your live server.

For Theme/Design changes you dont need to transfer any database table from staging to live site.

You just need some setting from admin panel and transfer files/folder from staging to live site.

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Re: New Magento 2 theme / design change

Hello @mousepad


Some of the tables you can copy

1) core_config_data ( where all configuration saved)

2) cms_block and cms_block_store,sequence_cms_block ( where all cms block store)

3) cms_page, cms_page_store,sequence_cms_page

4) For an attribute, please create an attribute using module so it will create when install module, otherwise you need to create manually

5) shipping_tablerate if you imported table rate 


Another table depends upon your theme customization.


Hope it will help you.


Mostly we are creating release note for that, we go live we add manually.

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Re: New Magento 2 theme / design change

Hi @mousepad


Your second approach should be a most paroxysm in this kind of situation !!


So here i would suggest you to create a custom theme or you can purchase any third party theme - there are couple of vendors who provide ready made themes as well !


Based on the option you choose you need to import/create design related files in app/design/frontend directory over there you need to create VendorName and themeName directory in it !!


After that you need to re-skin the design based on the requirement you have. Generally in database only design settings are saved no other details and most of the times it saves in core_config_data table


So you create theme on staging then once its done move that theme into live site and also move its settings into live site


Then check it will works !!

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Re: New Magento 2 theme / design change

Hi mousepad.

You can do as follow:

- install a fresh magento site (you can use your current version or latest version)

- export data from source site then import to target site

- install all extensions you are using in the Magento site to the new site and make sure that they work well

export data from the extensions then import to target site

- INSTALL new template 


I have been done this job before, if you need please inbox me or leave a message via Skype, I will help you to get your job done 



Re: New Magento 2 theme / design change

This is the approach that I am looking at however, do you have a real example of what to export and what to import and how you do that. Do you have a list of tables from Magento using phpMyAdmin that need to be exported and imported.