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No CSS Styling after first login

No CSS Styling after first login

Well I've finally managed to get Magento installed but was only able to do is if I didn't install any sample data.  If I install with sample data it fails at 90%, and I've bumped up my php memory limit to 1024M, max execution time to 38000, max input time to 38000, and my MySQL memory limit to 1024M.  Still hangs at 90% with this configuration.  


So without the sample data, I've got it installed.  When I go to the admin login page, everything looks normal - except there is a a missing image.  When I log into the admin paned, all formatting and CSS disappears.  The front end has the same issue - all formatting disappears, and there are no images.  I'm left with this:


Screen of First Login Attempt


After First  Login - Admin Area


After First Load - This is how the Front Page loads every time:


How do I correct these issues?




Re: No CSS Styling after first login

How to fix the problem of loading css and javascript files?