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PHP 7 Segmentation Fault CentOS 7.x

PHP 7 Segmentation Fault CentOS 7.x

I have been having an utterly frustrating time trying to get Magento 2 installed and working. However it may not all be Magento's fault! 

Through many hours of head scratching and desk thumping I think I have found a reason why many people are having difficulties.


In my case I wanted to start with the latest versions of everything so I installed ...


CentOS 7.2 with Apache 2.4.6 & PHP 7.0.1 as they were available from the Centos and Remi yum repositories. It would appear there is a problem with PHP 7.0.1 as it generates segmentation faults. I have discovered that if you try to re-index using the cli command...


bin/magento indexer:reindex


A segmentation fault occurs at the Catalog Search index leaving the index_status as 'working'.

Subsequent reiondexes do not report a segmentation fault because the index_status is stuck on working.

Manually changing the status to valid results in the next reindex run causing a segmentation fault.


It would seem that there is a problem with this combination, possibly with PHP 7 itself at the moment.


Re: PHP 7 Segmentation Fault CentOS 7.x

PHP 7 is not ready yet to run such a complex software like Magento 2: you will get a lot of segfaults, memory leaks, etc.
I recommend to check it again in a month, may be it will be fixed in PHP 7.

Re: PHP 7 Segmentation Fault CentOS 7.x

Hi @Darren Grant, Magento 2 has been tested on PHP7 but it's not supported yet. If you take a look at the Github repo, you'll see there are a few issues specific to PHP7 that are being worked out for the next release.


Community Manager, Magento
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