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Permission/Ownership problems with Magento 2

Permission/Ownership problems with Magento 2

I'm trying to install Magento 2, I've tried a couple of times, the big problem seems to resolve around permissions: files created by Magento have the wrong permissions, so pages don't load properly (I can add these permissions manually, so I got the admin/front page slightly working)


Anyway, I'm doing it from the start again. I've done the stuff on the following guide (I'm using CentOS):


The web server user and group are both "nobody". I've set up the "put them in each other's group" method. "groups nobody" shows the groups "nobody" and the magento user, the game for the groups the magento user are assigned to, which seems to be the correct way to set it up, and I've restarted it.


The problem is that I can't seem to do anything as that user. The next relevant instructions for permissions is this page:


The command 

chown -R :nobody .

Just says "Operation not permitted"


I'm fairly new to Linux and running a server, but all the relevant stuff is set up and is the correct version. Am I missing something, or is there something else to do to fix the permissions?



Re: Permission/Ownership problems with Magento 2

I'm having the same problem, I can't get my head around "File System Ownership". 


We have a CentOS 7 cPanel VPS with Apache 2.4 and PHP 7. User root manages accounts on that VPS. We created an account/user in WHM for a Magento-shop. What is that: a shared hosting situation (one user) or a private hosting situation (two users). When I put the magento user in the same group as root (nobody), cPanel for the magento user stops working.


Cron jobs are not working.

Re: Permission/Ownership problems with Magento 2

I'm having this issue also.


I don't want to deviate from the installation steps, as permissions are not something you want to go changing unless you know exactly how the application works.


Did you ever resolve this?


Thanks, Luke