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Problem with installation of Magento 2

Problem with installation of Magento 2


I have a problem with installatino of Magento 2.0.2 from zip file.

1) I uploaded the files to ftp

2) click to the domain and the setup page was blank

3) I communicate with my hosting to fix it and they told me that they dealed this with other customers too and found somewere only a solution to replace in the file:



$this->directories[self:Smiley FrustratedYS_TMP] = [self:Smiley TongueATH => realpath(sys_get_temp_dir())];




$this->directories[self:Smiley FrustratedYS_TMP] = [self:Smiley TongueATH => sys_get_temp_dir()];


4) After I could see the starting page of Magento installation but on the next page I got this problem :


Please where is the problem? I want to install the new magento.


Thank you


Re: Problem with installation of Magento 2

Firstly, you should click the links under the "Need Help?" titles on your screen.

Re: Problem with installation of Magento 2

Of course I did it, but no idea what is wrong:-(

Could somebody help me what is wrong?



Re: Problem with installation of Magento 2

What is written there?

Re: Problem with installation of Magento 2

For example the last one with permission is to have folders 770 and files 660.

I did it but still:

File Permission Check

Server failed to respond. Please try again.


So if I will speak about this point what is exactly wrong with that?

Thank you.

Re: Problem with installation of Magento 2

Re: Problem with installation of Magento 2

I'm sorry, but some Help do not help. I have same problem, although progressed further.
I do not understand why links to Help in readines check, instead of specific any errors!!! It's confusing if parameters is OK.
If the checks are OK (correct), show concrete results! And not here, where it is needed?
Moreover problems elsewhere, in other not mentioned requirements and zip instalation.
My webhoster not allow to use the Composer or thus defined "TMP" directory, only change "open_basedir". It not solve the problem.
I have no rights root user.
The result is same as on screenshot in first post. Not work.

Server meets the system requirements:
Debian, Apache 2.4, PHP 5.6, MySQL 5.6 version is OK!
PHP settings and extension is OK !!!
SQL grant privilegs for user and database is ON.
File system permissions is OK !!!

On this server run production version mag 1.9
If installation Magento2 on localhost (with Composer and sample data) and transfer database data on this server, magento is working  (after repairs symlink problem)
The same installation (local WAMP) without Composer - zip, the same problem as the server.

Re: Problem with installation of Magento 2


I wrote you that I changed the permision as is described on the link. I have the same configuration as MaxTan. And the same limitation on my hosting server.


So what could we do with that?


Re: Problem with installation of Magento 2

Could somebody helped us with this problem with installation?

Re: Problem with installation of Magento 2

The settings of some webhost may arise when installing other problem, although complying with instalation requirements.
Example, first problem "open_basedir" for access to directory "tmp", second incorrect "readines check" and three other settings in ".htaccess"
I copied file and database on the server from localhost. Magento is running, only problem have been pictures, css an js file - symlink problem. Problem only instalation, confusing readiness check, loo...ooong time find solution Man Embarassed
My solution for version mag 2.0.2, installation without Composer:

  1. Modify file "vendor/magento/framework/Filesystem/DirectoryList.php". The same change as first post or "your path" for existing and accessible "tmp" directory.
  2. Modify ".htaccess"; "pub/.htaccess"; "pub/media/.htaccess"; "pub/static/.htaccess" - "Options +FollowSymLinks" to comment "#Options +FollowSymLinks" or other (me too #Options All -Indexes, ...)
    Adjust htaccess for run Magento in a subdirectory -
  3. Modify file "app/etc/di.xml" -
  4. Very weird repair Man Frustrated for "readiness check": when install edit html code (firebug) for page "readiness check" - button "next" - delete parameter "disable" for view - and click